Verizon FiOS | Play Like A Girl Social Media Campaign

FiOS views its brand as inspirational, and its Internet product as empowering. They wanted to bring these qualities to life in the context of sports during their big NFL campaign. Our client already planned to run a massive TV campaign in the Fall featuring a little girl whose older brother won't let her play football with his friends. Using the power of FiOS Internet, she becomes a football guru and shows him up. If handled correctly, we knew this "Dana & Goliath" story could be the launch pad for a much deeper campaign on social media.


A Release Valve For Pent-Up Parental Pride

A major segment of FiOS consumers are parents of school-aged kids. Those customers are also the first generation to grow up with Title IX as the norm and they're equally as proud of their daughter's athletic achievements as they are of their son's. Studying chatter across Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, we found strong expressions of this pride, but it was fragmented. We saw an opportunity for FiOS to unify all of that energy, and demonstrate the inspirational power of the Internet.


The Digital Trophy Case For Girl Athletes Everywhere

There was no central destination where parents could share their daughter's sports achievements, or where their daughters could get inspiration from peers from across the country. We built an easy-to-use tab on the FiOS Facebook page to explain the project and collect photos and videos of girls giving their athletic all. Then it was time to put out the call.


Your Daughter Can Inspire Others!

We sounded a rally cry to parents across social media: Post photos or videos of your daughter's proudest athletic moments! Show what it really means to #PlayLikeAGirl! This call for content was boosted by targeted posts on Facebook and Twitter, user outreach on Pinterest and Instagram, a cross-promotional partnership with The Women's Sports Foundation, and the chance to win $5K in sport sand tech prizes for submitting usable footage.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.48.19 PM.png


From Campaign To Branded Movement

  • 70.6 MM Impressions

  • 54.6K Social Engagements (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

  • 16.4K Unique Landing Page Visitors

  • 2.8K Earned Twitter Mentions